February 1,2001


Mr. Howard H. Lee

4350 Derry Rd.

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Dear Mr. Lee:

Congratulations on being an inventor and a prolific one! The Institute for Invention and Innovation has been examining patent records for the past five years. We have compiled a database of over 20,000 inventors and their patent production. As you can see by our enclosed Mission Statement, our goal is to improve the ways that firms select potential inventors and manage them.

We thought that you might be interested to know just how rare inventors are. First, less than 1% of the U. S. adult population have a patent. And less than 36% of the persons engaged in research and development have a patent. In examining the U. S. Patent Office database for 1976-1999, we found that you have 6 issued patents. This places you in the top 6.8% of all inventors and the top 2.4% of all persons engaged in R&D. You are a very rare individual indeed!

And because you are so rare, we hope that you will help us to improve the ways that inventors are hired and managed. If you will take just fifteen minutes to complete the enclosed Inventor Profile, you can make a vital contribution to your profession. Our preliminary results show that the Inventor Profile is a highly accurate predictor of inventive performance.

Let me assure you that your response is totally confidential. We will not reveal what you tell us to any other person or organization, including the firm that you work for. In addition let me set your mind at rest that we are not trying to gather confidential data about your company. This survey is being sent to only a few people at many firms. We will not reveal any firm-specific information to any other person or organization.

What do you get out of this? You get a copy of the results! Among the uses we foresee is that you can use the results to help improve the hiring and managing practices of your firm.

Sincerely yours,

John C. Huber Executive Director